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Misery & Co.
Paramore, Chiodos, and more! Graphics Community
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JD White BG
[11] Gay Pride Icons
+2 Queer as Folk Friends Only Banners.


-Credit me, gloryxglorious , or my graphic community, miseryxandxco.
-Comments are nice, I like feedback.
-Enjoy! =D
Pride-ify baby! here!Collapse )
18th-May-2020 07:37 pm - Welcome to Misery & Co.!
JD Nearly Neon
Hey everyone! Welcome to Misery & Co.! A graphics community for bands like Chiodos, Paramore, Cinematic Sunrise, and more! Feel free to post banners, icons, wallpapers, and any other graphics. Rules are simple: no stealing, listen to the users requests on their graphics. Enjoy. =] 
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